The worst video games of 2022

We start the TOP of the worst games of 2022 with Devil Immortal. Just when we thought Blizzard’s reputation couldn’t get any more trampled, ruined and tarnished, they decided to add a filthy payment system and microtransactions to one of their most popular franchises. We understand that the title is free, but we’d rather it cost $60 than have to spend $100,000 to get into the higher tiers.

Devil Immortal It has angered thousands of lovers of the saga since it was announced, since originally it would only be released for cell phones, something unthinkable for an IP so related to PC. Although Blizzard eventually released it on computers, the gist of Devil he was more absent than your dad. The joke of these installments is to spend hours of fun while we evolve our character and abilities, not pay for it to be done alone.

It’s one thing to spend a little to get typical Battle Pass benefits, and another to give away hundreds of dollars to be halfway decent in combat. Many learned about the franchise through Devil Immortal and they will probably never come back, because they probably ran into people who did waste money.

The worst thing is that the game is not bad. Is a Devil very similar to its predecessors, but it is frustrating and disappointing that many challenges have to be overcome with money, instead of with our skills. There are ways to disrespect a franchise, and what Blizzard did here was the worst.

4: Chocobo GP

While we’re on the subject of microtransactions, many were excited by the announcement of Chocobo GPwell a Mario Kart with some of the most famous characters in final fantasy sounds extremely fun. We never thought it would be a revolution to the formula or a GOTY contender, but we thought it would be at least decent. Unfortunately, we omitted that Square Enix would do their thing.

At least Devil Immortal it’s free, but Chocobo GPAlthough it is not at full price, it asks you to shell out a little bit of your wool just to play it. Once you do that and get started, you realize you need to break the piggy bank, because the game definitely wants all your wool. The worst thing is that it is aimed at young children, who will not hesitate to steal their parents’ card and leave them bankrupt.

To such abusive and shameless microtransactions, we must add that the game is a bit boring. Apart from the 45 minutes that you can have fun going through each track, trying out the characters and throwing riots with your friends, there is very little to do. A Chocobo GP It went so badly and the joke came out so ugly that Square announced that it will stop supporting it, which is synonymous with accepting its defeat.

3: Zip 4

In our number 3 we have postcard 4, a game from which we expected little and still managed to disappoint us. This franchise is recognized for being ridiculous, absurd and exaggerated, it has never been considered quality or a masterpiece, but at least the madness of the first 2 installments made us laugh and remember them. Postal 3 is so bad, that its owners referred to it as “garbage”, but in its defense we can say that the original developers did not work on it.

Many believed that they would learn from their mistakes and that the fourth installment would be better, but it was the opposite; rather they verified that it will never take off and that it is fair and necessary that they let it die for peace. postcard 4 It’s like the technical demo of a first-semester animation student who never paid attention to his classes; it looks incomplete, has many bugs, crashes all the time and looks horrible.

We repeat: the franchise never stood out for being polished or perfect; in fact, part of its charm is that its creators are super valemadrists, but postcard 4 it is unplayable. The worst thing is that, in the moments where we can play it, it is boring, it has terrible writing and the level design is worse than coughing up diarrhea.
The owners of the IP complained about postcard 3 because they didn’t, but 4 is much worse.

2: CrossfireX

At number 2 we have an exclusive Xbox title, one of the few they had this year. Hey, words of Phil Spencer, don’t even see us. We refer to CrossfireX. The first game in the franchise was a brutal success in Asian and South American countries, to the point that it was one of the most played in the world. Microsoft took advantage and bought its rights to develop a sequel for consoles.

The result was much worse than they thought, and mainly because Remedy took care of the campaign and a Korean multiplayer studio. For the same reason, the game has many problems, since they have different engines, so they feel like 2 totally different titles. Still, neither hit the mark, because both components are terrible.

The single player is mediocre, because the story is boring, generic and lasts 4 hours at most. The gameplay is crude, awkward, and severely flawed, to the point that it feels like a bad game from 15 years ago. The thing does not improve with the multiplayer, because the controls are even worse, and it is assumed that they wanted to imitate those of Counter Strike. You know what’s the worst? You guessed it! CrossfireX it is pay-to-win. This game tried hard to be one of the worst FPS ever, and we’re not exaggerating.

honorable mentions

In our honorable mentions we have Gotham Knights Y Overwatch 2. The first one is not so bad, but we thought it would be the new path of the saga arkham and it was a massive setback. And the second because, to be almost the same as 1, Blizzard found a way to make it a thousand times worse, boring and, to no one’s surprise, a money grabber.

1: Babylon’s Fall

Our first place is well deserved Babylon’s Fall, another installment of Square Enix. It’s funny, because this disaster is also the fault of Platinum Games, which seems to have put all their love and attention into Bayonetta 3 already this game let him die in the worst way possible. To be 2 of the most relevant companies of the present, it is noticeable from kilometers away how little they cared, because it is the worst we have seen in the year.

From the visual point of view, this is evident, because in addition to recycling many assets of Final Fantasy XIV and other installments, is ugly, boring and very uninspired. It looks like those generic games that are advertised in NFL Fantasy apps. For the same reason, buying cosmetics and costumes with real money is less tempting than spending the night with Jabba the Hutt in a thong, why would we spend on something so ugly and also very expensive? Whoops, we literally just described the Gucci kid.

Being Platinum Games, you’d think they’d probably put aside the visuals to focus on combat, but no. It is unreal that of the creators of Bayonetta Y nier automata something so repetitive and monotonous has come out. All this leads to the fact that, a few months after its launch, literally no one in the world was playing it, and that some time later Square Enix stopped selling it and soon closed its servers.

It was very difficult to choose a number 1, but we believe that the title that lasted less than 60 days to live and that in a year will be completely obsolete and even impossible to achieve deserves it.

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