This is the incredible LoL map designed by a fan

It’s been a long time since Riot Games implemented a completely different Summoner’s Rift than what we’re used to. Yes, it is true that we are facing that URF or that LoL map dominated by the colors of Viego. However, what everyone expects is something similar to the snowy crack and even those who had harrowing wave Bloody moon as the main theme.

In view of Riot Games’ passivity in this regard, some players have decided to create your own LoL map concepts. And one of them has drawn special attention, especially because of the theme he has chosen. Summoner’s Rift fully transforms, turning into a map that looks like PROJECTthat line of cosmetics from the MOBA.

The LoL map that has surprised everyone

On January 2, the YouTuber ryscu presented us with this map. Summoner’s Rift changes completely to go PROJECT themed. Far from it, it seems that it will not remain a mere presentation, but that the players will have the opportunity to try it, since it is a custom LoL map. It seems that as of January 9 it could be available to all users.

Of course, It is not a perfect map and it has a lot of details to polish. However, it is not the work of professionals, but of amateurs who want to provide the best experience to the rest of the community. As we can see in the presentation video, the map is full of neon lights, colorful platforms and, of course, completely reworked Baron Nashor-like targets.

We will see if with this type of project, Riot Games decides in the future to change its policy and return these LoL maps.

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