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UCAM Tokiers presents to their agentsfrom Valorant for the new season

The university team will be made up of ‘Quick’, ‘idexfamily‘, ‘Yuno‘, ‘flickless‘, ‘Aer0z’ and ‘Mudarra’

Murcia, 03/01/twenty22

After closing the year as runners-up in SpainUCAM Tokiers will be back in 2023 with a new roster of Valorantthe FPS of Riot Games.

The players who will be part of the team next season are the valencian Fabian ‘Quick’ Pereira who comes from giants Gaming and has been playing with UCAM in the last months of 2022; the belgian Sammy’idex van de Weghe that comes from playing in Sector One; the finn ramses valentinefamily who played in KOI last season; the Spanish Eloy Yuno Garcia, that already debuted at the UCAM academy and the Belgian carelflicklessmaeckelbergh which also comes from Sector One.

The role of coach will be carried out by Marcos ‘Aer0z’ González who will work side by side with the veteran training analyst, Alejandro ‘Mudarra.

UCAM Tokiers has undergone constant evolution and since the year 2021 has reaped excellent results both nationally and internationally. The organization will continue to bet on the future of this competitive FPS, supporting new talent and achieving success in the professional leagues.

Video: https://youtu.be/bc4SmY8i1Hg

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