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Next, I will try to present some of the equipment of the Riot shooter what, a prioricould put in trouble to rosters from VALORANT from VCTspecifically to European level. Even so, these lines should be reviewed in a few weeks as there are still announcements to be made.

The best teams in VALORANT each region would make the VCT team sweat

SAW: the Portuguese super team that inaugurates the VCL Portugal (Tempest)

One of the mythical organizations at Portuguese level and of a great renown at the Iberian level especially in games like CS:GO. those of SAW have decided to get players from teams like the Spanish Rebels Gaming or Rice -one of the mixes that gave the most talk in the offseason-. The players who will defend the colors of the Portuguese SAW team will be:

  • Edward addicted Torres: the Portuguese player had joined clubs like Rebels Gaming, Sharks Esports or SAW (in January 2021). Their main role has been the one of initiator and has participated in both national and international competitions.
  • David ‘DaviH Cruz: the Portuguese signing has played in teams like the one mentioned Rice and WhynotVLR -now EGN Esports-. He has been a high performance player whose main role has been the one of flex.
  • Thomas ‘tomaszy‘ Machado: the seventeen year old portuguese boy has been one of the last revelations lusas from its entrance as stand in in Rebels Gaming. She also participated in the Arroz mix. Her main role is to duelist.
  • David ‘Fizzy‘ Figueiredo: the Portuguese player has been one of the most experienced in the Spanish competition. He was in Rebels Gaming twice, in Movistar Riders and in BDS. Despite being sentinel‘Fizzy’ has transitioned into all roles so polyvalent.
  • Miguel ‘bati ‘ Batista: the Portuguese signing has also been a regular for some Portuguese mixes like Arroz or Project S and others like EGN Esports or H2O. One of his main roles has been that of initiator.

CASE Esports: Casemiro’s men aim high in the VCL Spain (Rising)

The team, originally from Madrid, has kept some of its players from the previous season. those of CASE they have bet on national talent Y Lithuanian for this new season.

  • Dominykas’MiniBoo‘Lukasevicius: the young lithuanian player is one of the biggest European promises in it shooter from Riot Games. He was on teams like GMT Esports, Arctic and then CASE Esports throughout the previous season. His main role has been to duelist.
  • Vlad’kilos‘ Shvets: the Spanish-Ukrainian and world champion joins the ranks of CASE Esports after passing through Giants Gaming in the last season. Other relevant organizations have been Acend, Raise our Edge and Movistar Riders. The usual role has been that of sentinel.
  • Manuel ‘ease‘ Lopez: the spanish player It has been one of the revelations at the national level. She has gone through teams like UCAM Tokiers, ZETA Gaming or Arctic. His most frequent role has been that of controller.
  • Povilas’roxie‘Krivelis: the other Lithuanian player of roster has passed through different teams at European levelthe last of them ascend. Likewise, she has been in organizations such as WAVE Esports or UCAM Tokiers. He has regularly played controllers e initiators and it will be the team IGL.
  • Savior ‘yuriiGasco: the CASE Esports franchise player and vital insurance in any situation. His usual role has been that of initiator although his Sage has a personal signature. Last season he was in CASE and another of his previous teams was 19 Sports.

Team Queso: the team recovers great figures at a national and European level for the VCL Spain (Rising)

The set of alvaro845CEO and founder of cheese teamhas managed to fish in rough waters at very high level national players to complete the roster with any of the most established Europeans in the Spanish league.

  • bartosz’UNFAKEBernacki: the Polish carries in the club since May 2021 and he is one of those who have remained on the roster, despite his irregularity. He habitually has been flex although oriented to initiator.
  • Kacper ‘Katu‘Twórz: the other Polish of the team, he joined Team Queso in May but 2022. His role has normally revolved around the initiator although he will be able to play other roles.
  • Joona’h1ber‘ Parviainen: after his koi outlet heading to the French league with the group of Team Vitality and after being very close to qualifying for the VCT, return to the spanish league. His position is well defined, he will be the team duelist.
  • Mario ‘PoPiFresH‘ Gonzalez: the spanish player stood out in his last stage at national level with Team Heretics. She had previously been in CASE Esports, 19 Esports or Cream Real Betis. It’s one of the most versatile players of the team so the role he will play is not yet known.
  • Christian’lowel‘ Garcia: one of the national flagship players at the Spanish CS:GO level and that he has been in VALORANT for several years now. she was in Team Herectis since October 2020. Although his Sage has had a personal signature, he has lately played initiator and could be the team IGLthough has not been confirmed.

Special mentions: Rebels Gaming, Acend, S2G Esports, FOKUS

Even so, and to close this article, it would be interesting to make several special mentions of different teams that could fall into that category. teams like Rebels Gaming -GatsH, janny XD. Vo0kashu, hastack and humanz-o ascend -which has not yet presented a roster but is expected to keep vakk and MONSTEERR- could put teams in Europe’s top league in serious trouble.

Also, Turkish teams like S2G Esports, FUT Esports either BBLtogether with other Europeans such as FOKUS they may surprise you throughout the competitive year.

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