A big Valve announcement could be on the way

Valve is one of the most important companies in the history of video games, since it was founded in 1996 it has been a pillar in the industry thanks to the creation of works such as Half-Life, Portal, Dota 2 or Counter-Strike. However, for about a decade now, the company has focused mainly on developing its game sales platform, Steam, which is currently the main one on the market. In addition, Valve has recently been investing in its new portable console Steam Deck, which has reaped great success among those interested. For all this is that a great announcement from Valve, how the one that is predicted, can move the entire industrya.

The information comes from the well-known third-party SteamDB page, and it turns out that a file called “Valve Event Upload” has been uploaded to the Steam database, as well as a file called “Config”, which only Valve could create . Although there is nothing clear, there are several fans speculating on a new gamethis because it is related to a mysterious software trademark registered by Valve at the end of last year.

A big Valve announcement could be on the way

The specialized in news of ValveTyler McVicker, has given several statements to clarify some doubts, among them the most interesting is that these “Config” files are used for large company releasesHowever, it is obvious that the biggest fan excitement comes from the hopeful Half Life 3, but it is more likely related to the speculated “Citadel”, which was a project that was found in the code of the graphics engine “engine source 2”.

The reality is that this announcement of Valve It’s all a mystery, and it shouldn’t be related to any of the other files found in different places related to the company, but it is quite suspicious that all this comes to light on dates nearby.

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