CS:GO: Boombl4 announces his move to free agent

Boombl4 NaVi CS:GO Free Agent
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The beginning of the year has brought news of all kinds, including someone special that we didn’t know much about until now. Through the networks of him, Kirill Mikhaylov «boombl4» has communicated his new status as a free agent in the CS:GO market. The former player and IGL de Natus Vincere (NaVi) has his bags ready to start a new competitive adventure after his controversial departure from the Ukrainian team. boombl4 It’s not a piece that can be overlooked in the CS:GO market and it sure has already caught the attention of several teams. On the other hand, the rumors that the IGL Russian would have a project in hand with multiple CIS players.

With a simple and concrete twitlonger, Boombl4 completely closes its stage in NaVi. The Russian player, winner of the Stockholm Major in 2021, says goodbye completely to his previous team despite the fact that he has been inactive for almost 8 months. In turn, good Kirill has given rise to a new adventure in his career as a professional. It seems that boombl4 He still has a lot to give in CS:GO and that is why he aspires back to the servers in 2023.

What will be the fate of Boombl4 in CS:GO 2023?

At the moment there is little certainty about the future of Boombl4. The IGL Russian is not a player despite being overlooked, being the captain of the first and only consecration in the NaVi Majors. Also, 2022 had good results for him. Your controversial departure It was a big stain but before, boombl4 came from being finalist in the Antwerp Major, losing to FaZe but repeating place on the stage. Boombl4’s potential as a team captain is undeniable, even more so when he managed to balance NaVi at his full potential having beasts like Aleksandr Kostyliev.”s1mple» and Denis Sharipov «electroNic» in their ranks.

The candidates to acquire Boombl4’s services are not clear, but it is very possible that there are. The IGL Russian would be the perfect match for any CIS team in need of an experienced leader who can turn the raw talent of the players into a high-impact squad. teams like entropiq, nemiga Y 1win could be the new homes of Boombl4. A very talented young project can reach high positions in a Major with Boombl4. While other rumors claim that boombl4 would be part of betboom.

The BetBoom project is something that has been talked about for a long time and about which boombl4 is one of the main parties involved. The IGL Russian in the past had tried to join this team with Jerry, Deco Y flamie. After some differences, the formation of this list did not occur, therefore it was left up in the air. Although according to OverDrive, a CIS expert and CS:GO trainer, Boombl4 will compete in BetBoom but with other partners. Those included in this template would be Igor Bezotecheskiy «forester» and Alexey Trofimov «NickelBack«, who would come from Entropiq with hooch, His trainer. In the absence of knowing two more players and BetBoom making this official, boombl4 He would already have a project on his hands. It only remains to know if it will materialize so that Boombl4 returns to the servers in an opportunity to demonstrate its value in the competitions.

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