Fortnite: Kick off 2023 with Dragon Ball and other cosmetics

The battle royale store received two important rotations, standing out the one on December 31 due to the return of the anime content.

Fortnite said goodbye to the My Hero Academia collaboration, thus giving way to the return of Dragon Ball. And what better way than to start the year with his cosmetics along with others that have not been on sale for a while.

In the latest update to the battle royale store, the New Year’s Party Emote and the Spellsurge Wrap returned. In addition, the characters of the aforementioned anime are maintained along with the 2022 Favorites, the subscription service update and other collaborations such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mr. Beast and Star Wars.

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Dragon Ball cosmetics returned to Fortnite in the December 31 rotation but with certain changes. On the one hand the Dragon Ball Equipment bundle, for unknown reasons, does not include the Flying Cloud (Kintoun) hang glider what already some players have noticed. And the other is that The Dragon Ball Power Bundle can now be purchased which includes the previous free rewards from your Chapter 3 Season 3 event.

This is everything that brings the aforementioned package and the individual value of each of its relaunched cosmetics:

  • Dragon Ball Power Bundle (1500 PaVos, contains all the items mentioned in the list)
  • hang glider shenlong (1200 V-Bucks)
  • Gesture Ki Accumulation (400 V-Bucks)
  • Emote Ki Empowerment (400 V-Bucks)
  • Dragon Radar Retro Backpack (300 V-bucks)

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On the other hand you can start 2023 with the team of soldiers from Show your style or the 2022 Favorites selected by Epic Games. Among the latter are Coral, Desdemona, Hooded, Halley, Leelah, Queen of Hearts, Syd and some who were part of Fortnightmare 2022.

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