‘Fortnite’ returns to iOS in 2023, according to the CEO of Epic Games

Fortniteone of the most popular games today, I could return this year to iOS after Apple itself removed the game due to App Store policy. At least, this is what Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, has hinted at in a tweet published on December 31.

“Next year on iOS”, Sweeney wrote in a Twitter post that already made it clear what news this 2023 would come to the iPhone. Later, the CEO of Epic Games responded to that same tweet. with a picture from Fortnite in which it seems to celebrate the entry of 2023 and in which, in addition, it seems to confirm that said title will once again be available on iPhone and iPad.

FortniteLet’s remember, it was removed from the App Store in 2020, after Epic Games broke one of the app store rules. Specifically, that of introducing an additional payment gateway to that of Apple in order to skip the 30% commission that the company requests for each purchase within the app. The video game developer firm decided to sue Apple for such a cause, although the ruling was favorable for the Cupertino firm.

Since then, however, Apple has been on everyone’s lips for its strict commission policy. The company, in fact, even modified its rules, allowing developers with annual income of up to 1 million dollars they only had to apply a 15% commission for each purchase. Now, is it possible that Fortnite return to the App Store considering that there is no agreement with Apple?

Can Fortnite go back to iOS?

Google countersues Epic Games over Fortnite
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Epic Games, and more specifically Fortnite, also does not meet the requirements to be able to use an alternative payment method to the Apple application store, as you can, for example, Netflix. The developer firm, however, seems to be clear that it will take advantage of one of the measures that will come into force this year. This is the European Law on Digital Markets, which would force Apple to open its ecosystem of apps to third parties and therefore allow users to download applications outside of the App Store.

The developer of Fortniteyes indeed, could only release the game for iOS in EuropeWell, in the United States, for example, there is no such regulation. It is also not clear if Epic Games has another method to make Fortnite be available again on the iPhone. The most viable would be to accept the App Store policy and thus give Apple 30% commission on in-app purchases.

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