how will brawlers masteries work

It’s been almost a week now brawl stars presented the first sneak peek of brawlers masteriesand for the moment we have only had a more than expected silence that lengthens the hype until we learn more about this new mechanic.

A way to show off and boast of experience, but one that goes far beyond our trophies, which can even be achieved with help and over time, maintaining it is not complicated.

But now brawl stars it takes one more step in terms of our experience, and leaving aside the experience points that are still in limbo of zero utility, they decide to focus on the promise of last summer and very soon the brawler masteries will arrive at the Supercell title.

How will masteries work in Brawl Stars?

Until the February Brawl Talk arrives, or some surprise announcement at the end of this month of January, the unknown will be in the air. But adding imagination and following in the wake of other games or Supercell’s own modus operandi, we may have the odd clue.

We can start, for example, with one of the multiplayer kings such as League of Legends. With almost 180 different champions, the mastery system has always served to know that we are facing a true expert with that champion. A system that can only be gained over time playing and winning games, but far from the system that trophies have of being able to win and lose them. If you have been playing El Primo every day for two years, you will reach the maximum rank of Master, after going through Diamond and Mythic.

But it is not necessary to go that far, and it is that not long ago they incorporated the master’s degrees in clash royale. They have a different system fulfilling specific missions with each cardmany of them generic such as inflicting damage, eliminating opponents, destroying structures, healing… Perhaps something similar to this is what we have, which also opens the door to receiving rewards with each of these missions.

The path to choose by Supercell is a mystery, but we can be sure that it will not be far from either of these two options, more sticking to his own house, being something experienced and that works in another of his titles.

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