Jokers incorporates soccer player Jon Moncayola as a new shareholder

Esports fever begins to spread to the CA Osasuna squad. Navarre footballer Jon Moncayola has decided to join the shareholders of Jokers, the team founded and managed by his teammate Rubén García. From now on, they will also be partners in the virtual world.

“I saw Rubén all day talking about Jokers, so in the end my curiosity piqued me and now I can’t get off this boat, I’m very motivated”, Moncayola assured. The footballer will bring competitive experience and a strategic economic plus in order to ensure the level of the team in the tournaments that it will play in 2023.

jokers esports osasuna ruben garcia

Jokers became, at the end of 2022, in the first team to be promoted to the Super League of League of Legends (LoL) for sports merits from the Second Division, created in 2021 by Riot Games and the LVP. For his debut in the top flight of LoL, Jokers prepares a budget close to 500,000 eurosaccording to Pablo Martínez, its director of operations, to 2playbook.

The club maintains its intention to “lay the foundations on which one of the benchmark eSports clubs at a national level will be built and the new home for Navarrese passionate about gaming”.

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