Let’s not forget that Overwatch 2 has a campaign mode, and this is all we know, which is actually quite a lot.

There is still a lot of Overwatch 2 ahead. Blizzard knows that there is an audience and the game community has settled. There are many players of the first installment, doubtful of this sequel, have taken the leap and have been encouraged by the hero shooter once again. With the “Battle for Olympus” event kicking off today, and with several seasons to go, we may have overlooked that the in-game campaign, the history mode, Coming to Overwatch 2 this year.

What is known about the Overwatch 2 campaign?

The game’s campaign is something that has been asked of Blizzard almost since the beginning of that first Overwatch. Even the requests In a story way, they are almost as old as the movie that many argued was necessary for the game license to succeed even beyond the video game.

However, in that first game, the story mode was limited to a series of small events that delved into important moments of the plot, but always outside the core of the experience. They were nothing more than sections against the AI ​​as a defense against hordes either zone containment with a “hidden” cinematic at the end of the mission.

the campaign of Overwatch 2 promised to go further. In fact, this sequel was sold not only as a game unrelated to that first installment (which was originally going to be sold separately), but would also include a story mode apart from its multiplayer. Blizzard knows the community still wants that peek more. deep Y film of lore of the game, and although his arrival date is a mystery, some bars of this story mode are not.

The American company, when Jeff Kaplan was in command before leaving the company, shared several cinematic videos and gameplay sequences from the story mode. With that “Zero Hour” trailer that Overwatch 2 introduced us to at Blizzconline 2019, the creative team shared these long sequences with a impeccable invoice.

Although they are far from the quality that the company has displayed for its hero-focused videos, the result has always been remarkable. In fact, even if you doubt it, the campaign is made for the sequel as long as Sojourn appears as one of the playable characters for this story mode.

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Of course, in playable, we will also see important changes compared to the online mode. The skills of the heroes will undergo modifications as important as the possibility of letting go several pulse bombs by Tracer; o Hanzo shooting an arrow that will hit multiple enemies in succession.

Also, the maps will not be the same ones that we can play right now, something that turned those PVE modes of the first installment into something unremarkable as the years went by. It’s known that many locations of this campaign will repeat the location with the countries that we have already visited, but in opposite segments and completely differentiated. Although it won’t happen in everyone, cities like Toronto will have new sections, including major atmospheric changes. In fact, cities like gothenburg or countries like India They were brought forward as part of this campaign mode.

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But, when will it arrive? Officially, we do not know anything. It is to be expected that the company will start several closed and open tests for players in order to perfect a highly anticipated mode and, in short, also multiplayer although not PvP. Be that as it may, Blizzard assured that this mode would begin to take its steps in 2023. For now, all that remains is to wait and be patient.

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