LoL: How much does an LEC player earn? The minimum that teams have to pay their players

The money It is always one of the most attractive topics generated in the world in general. Without going any further, in the case of Spain, the most typical questions and why many users watched some of the La Resistencia programs was because they used to answer that question or how much money they have in their bank account.

Regarding the term of traditional sport and esports, many of these competitions have stipulated minimums that must be paid by organizations to the players per year, which guarantees them to have an acceptable salary to be competing in the best regional competitions of League of Legends.

How much does a professional League of Legends player who competes in the LEC make?

Looking at the riot bylaws In the EMEA competition, we get the minimum that the starters, substitutes and members of the coaching staff of the teams in the most important League of Legends league in this region have to earn. All this money is gross, that is, before taxes.

  • Head Coach: The head coach of a team must win, at least 5,000 euros gross per month. If they have held office for the same team in 18 or more Regular Season games in a single season, the head coach must earn a total of at least €60,000 gross during that season.
  • Trainers: ERL Coaches, LEC Coaches, Strategic Coach, Assistant Coaches or Performance Coach must earn at least €1,500 in each month in which they have been the designated coach for at least one of their team’s matches.
  • LEC players: Players on a team’s LEC roster must win a minimum of 1,000 euros gross per month. If the player has participated in an LEC match during a given month, this figure is increased by €1,000 gross for each week the player has played that month. Yes a player has participated in 18 or more games of the Regular Season for the same team for a single season the player must earn a total of at least 60,000 euros gross during that season.
  • Reserve players: reserve players will receive a minimum of 1,000 euros gross per month.
  • ERL Players: Players listed on the ERL must be paid in accordance with applicable regulations and within the respective jurisdiction of the ERL in which they compete. In other words, if they compete in Spain, they must collect the SMI as a minimum.

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