LoL: The Kings Academy squad presents its roster made up 100% of girls for the DDH

A different year for the competitive world of League of Legends where it seeks to give visibility to all people who want to enter the competitions, we have seen that the women’s scene is very broad but has little visibility at higher levels in the competitive world, Contrary to Valorant where you have VCT Gamechangers that gives other groups the opportunity to participate in professional competitions.

During this year the squad of The Kings is betting on a 100% girl squad looking to show that hard work pays off, starting at the top with valuxitax who has been competing professionally for many years, her step with Globant Emerald being the greatest in her career during the rise of the team and following in the ranks of the Academy squad of the same, now she will seek to be the queen of the upper part of the crack and manage to win the Division of Honor.

On the other hand, the jungle is left in the hands of Annita “Annita” Selya who worked with Valu in the GET Academy project where they had good results in tournaments outside of Riot Games, both girls are consolidated as a good duo within the crack but now they will have a greater challenge to fight against great rivals who have been in the game for a long time competitive field of LoL.

Arriving at the central lane we will have a familiar face, Midalia She will be in charge of facing this role, let’s remember that she was the substitute for TK during past splits, so her level has been maintained and she knows how to work in this squad, considered one of the best midlaners in Mexico, we can assure you that she will be a great contender to face any rival she has in front of her.

League of Legends

As a shooter we see Shayla who has come to light in different squads since 2020, actively participating in TK Colombia where she was one step away from getting promoted to the Golden League, the shooter has already had her time in the Mexican league in several teams but this time she will seek change the situation to be crowned with their teammates with the title of champions.

In the support role, the seniority of Diana “Sophyre” Lopez is present to be able to help her squadmates to search for the championship, being one of the best-known players at the LAN level, the Mexican has been in teams such as Arctic Mexico, Zwan Gaming and Vatra where she highlighted both the role of support and midfielder. , in 2019 he arrived with Ordo Equitum at the Esports World Championship giving a great performance.

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Closing the composition, Mell arrives as the young promise streamer who will be a substitute for the mid lane, considered the rookie of the squad, she will seek to assert the confidence that the kings have given her. Being guided by the experience of Bryant “Devil” Alvarado and of mihilea It shows an ambitious project that will seek to create opportunities for the girls who are in the world of League of Legends, let’s hope that this is the first of many women’s teams that reach professional competitions to stand up to the other squads.

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