LVP reveals its accumulated viewers in 2022

This 2022 has been a unique year for the Professional Video Game League (LVP). The Super League closed a unique year, especially after the victory of Team Heretics in the EU Masters. To this we add the growing interest in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) in Spanish or the last World Championship 2022 in which 3 Spanish players participated. Far from League of Legends, VALORANT It has also been another of the fundamental factors when it comes to talking about this great year.

Now, as they have confirmed since MEDIAPRO GROUP, the LVP closed this past 2022 with the highest figures in its entire history. And it is that, according to the data obtained, reached a total of 77.3 million cumulative viewers globally. This supposes 10% more than in all of 2021numbers that demonstrate the growing interest in electronic sports.

LVP increases its viewers by 10% in 2022

According to the LVP reports, the LoL Super League added a total of 25.8 million viewersadding both the LVP channel itself and the co-streaming. This implies an increase of 98% compared to 2021where these did not yet exist co-streaming. If we add to this that the year ended with approximately 11 million hours viewedwe find completely unstoppable numbers.

Likewise, from LVP they also reveal that the final of the Summer Split 2022 added the highest peak in the history of concurrent spectators in a national competition. 92,479 spectators joined to see Team Heretics win to Giants Gamingleaving in oblivion those 73,596 viewers that were registered a year ago.

For now, the League of Legends Super League will start next January 16, 2023. As revealed weeks ago, the national competition will change its match days, from now on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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