Overwatch 2 Hero Pick Rate: Which Are The Most Popular?

Published: 2023-01-02T10:01:06

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Overwatch 2 has a huge roster of characters, but who are the most popular this season? These are the most popular heroes of Overwatch 2 season 2.

With more than 30 characters available in Overwatch 2 the popularity of each of them fluctuates as Blizzard introduces balance patches with changes for each of the characters.

However, there are some that are always used regardless of the state of the meta and this is reflected in their high pick rate.

Although popularity is not always a good criterion by which we should guide ourselves, it is always a good indicator of what is currently strongest.

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And the heroes that are sweeping are the following.

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Overwatch hero popularity fluctuates based on meta

Overwatch 2 Most Popular Heroes: The Most Used Characters From Season 2

According to overbuffthe most popular Overwatch 2 hero is Ana with 8.93%, followed by Kiriko with 8.17%, and Mercy with 5.81%.

Genji is the most popular character in the damage role, fifth at 4.63%, and Reinhardt is the most popular tank, albeit tenth at 3.39%.

In the current meta, it is Ramattra who sits at the bottom of the list with a very low 0.81%.

And that’s it! These are the popularity ratings of all the characters in Overwatch 2.

Please note that these stats are constantly changing and will change as patches roll out.

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