RGB lighting for gaming and movies up to 240 Hz

The world of ambient RGB lighting for TV or monitor is really complex, especially outside of the PC sector. There everything is much more limited and only Philips seems to stand out… Until now. Govee, a company specializing in these systems, plans to dethrone the leading brand with what it has called AI Gaming Sync Box Kita complete ambient lighting system that has the peculiarity of supporting a refresh rate of up to 240hz.

Logically, what is intended is to illuminate the room by synchronizing image and sound with the RGB light effects that this system can produce. The novelty lies in how it does it, since until now systems such as cameras or screen analyzers have been relied on to achieve the effects, but now the path is somewhat different.

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box: Artificial intelligence in charge of lighting


The problem with traditional systems is that from the moment what appears on the screen is collected until the moment the light is changed, a time has passed that causes them to have a latency that they don’t like. It is not instant except for specific cases on PC, such as the ASUS AURA TERMINALwhile in consoles or movies these devices take a while to process and send the results to the LEDs.

For this reason, and to calculate the colors and their position within the LED strips or vertical lamps included in the kit, Covee has created its own algorithm for its Box called AI CogniGlow.


This analyzes more than 100,000 features including images and soundsbut in addition, it also integrates support for games in particular, so that it is more reliable to reproduce the colors.

League of Legends, Apex and Valorant These are examples of the support of this algorithm, which, for example, in Apex or Valorant will show us red lights when we are injured, when we heal it will show green on its LEDs and so on with a lot of effects or actions in the game, all fully automatic. .

Quite a powerful SoC for an ambient lighting system


It is not known what the specific SoC chosen by Covee is, but it seems that it will have enough power for the requirements requested by the brand. so, in INT4 will achieve 14.4 TOPS, which is surprising. This is so because Govee AI Gaming Sync Box is not connected to the cloud, everything is done locally and stays at home. Just to update the system, its firmware or algorithm will have to be connected to the Internet.

The operation of this system is simple, since we will only have to connect the HDMI that comes from the PC, console or receiver to the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box and from there we will take another cable to the TV or monitor.


Of course, the cable will be HDMI 2.0 and not 2.1, so the resolutions and hertz to work with are limited. Specifically, to 4K will move 60 Hz, at 2K it goes up to 144 Hz and at 1080p ascends to 240hz.

Regarding price and availability, the brand ensures that this Govee AI Gaming Sync Box will arrive from march At a price of €299.99 with an LED strip and two vertical light bars, in addition to the Box of course. Finally, Govee ensures that in the future this system will be compatible with other smart home standards, so that they are synchronized.

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