The “Free Among Us with Geese”, Goose Goose Duck, emulates the success of its inspiration, and even surpasses it on Steam

If there is an example that a video game can have a second chance and become a viral sensation, it is, without a doubt, Among Us. InnerSloth’s Title succeeded a couple of years ago and set a trend. Now his latest imitator, Goose Goose Duck, appears to be replicating his success as well.

Just a few days ago we heard about how strong this imitator was hitting Steam. Becoming a viral sensation, the free game of social deduction pointed ways to become the new obsession of many. Now, your players are counted in the hundreds of thousands.

Despite the fact that for some it might seem just a thing of the moment, the fever for Goose Goose Duck seems to be far from over, thus increasing its presence on Valve’s platform. Today it’s time to talk about your most impressive record to date, which positions it as one of the most played games of the moment.

560,000 people playing at the same time it is, of course, a not insignificant figure. Almost out of nowhere, the goose title has attracted over half a million players on Steam, as concurrent user data for Goose Goose Duck on SteamDB points out. This record puts it even above Among Uswhose record on the platform was “barely” 447,000 players.

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While the inspirations are clear, Goose Goose Duck also does his own thing with 5 different modes game, in addition to having 30 roles to choose for the characters. Having amassed 87% positive reviews on Steam, it’s a game that, despite being released in 2021, looks set to be one of the viral hits of 2023. Will it stay strong? Time will tell.

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