The incredible strategy to win games at level 1 with Teemo

Talking about Teemo in League of Legends is synonymous with talking about a love-hate relationship. Within Riot Games’ MOBA, the yordle It has no middle ground: either you love it or you hate it. However, that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most popular champions in the game both on and off Summoner’s Rift itself. His style of play is easy to understand, but some of his Machiavellian players develop strategies to be able to ruin the lives of their rivals from the start of the games.

On this occasion, a Reddit user has shared a strategy that is becoming popular in South Korea. The objective is very simple: beat the top rival at level 1 to generate a snowball effect a few seconds after the start of the game. teemo is a yordle which, being ranged, works well against melee characters. However, with an advantage over these types of champions, the Speedy Scout has the ability to spawn a negative snoball in the opponent.

In order to generate all these situations, Teemo’s new strategy requires Neeko’s company. The strategy is simple: make Neeko camouflage as Teemo and trick the opposing player. The Speedy Scout must be hidden in the middle of the line using his passive ability and, once the top rival gets ahead, appear to start attacking him. With Press The Attack and the Ignite the yordle you have a high chance of success if you execute the strategy well. Although Neeko can opt for Shapechanger (W) at level one for more damage on basic attacks, it’s still a good idea to build up Barbed Tangle (E) first for a chain of control.

According to U.GG’s data, Teemo is currently not in his best form. The champion has a win rate of 49.24% and his popularity at high ranks is low. On the other hand, in the lower ranks it appears more. The last time the Speedy Scout appeared on the professional scene was in worldswhere Kang Geon-mo «addHe proposed it as a response to Aatrox.

New Korean Teemo Cheese from leagueoflegends

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