The new fashionable virtual ‘streamer’ is an artificial intelligence that is causing a sensation playing ‘Minecraft’

For a couple of days there has been an unexpected new star on Twitch: the streamer Neuro-samaan Artificial Intelligence, created by the programmer Vedal987 and which is surprising due to its ability to play Minecraft and react to the chat.

This AI that was originally intended to participate in the music video game osu!made his debut on December 19 as VTubera category of content creators who, instead of showing themselves, speak through an animation of themselves.

Since then, his success has not stopped growing, leaving all his followers impressed – already has more than 60,000. However, he has quickly evolved and has begun to share opinions such as that he “does not believe that the Holocaust exists” or that “It’s hard not to be homophobic.”

Vedal has commented to Vice that, after developing it in 2018, decided to “turn it into a streamer on Twitch so he could interact with his audience in real time”: “The interactions with the Twitch chat are what make it entertaining to watch, without it I don’t think it would be as successful”.

“Of course, there are many filters to prevent it from being inappropriate or offensive.a, some of them based on artificial intelligence, but there needs to be a human to moderate”, Vedal has made clear: “I usually make improvements to the AI ​​and the streaming before going live every day”. However, some of his clips have already gone viral with worrying statements.

Anyway, their numbers have not stopped growing in less than a month of life and there are many plans ahead. The programmer wants to change his avatar and create a custom one so that learn to play more video games.

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