The two most educational video games for children

The video game They are undoubtedly the toy that most children request the most. From certain ages the Magi cards They are full of requests for video games and although these are often seen as harmful by parents, the truth is that there are many video games that are educational and provide an age-appropriate environment for children while still being attractive. Specifically, we want to talk to you now about the two most educational video games for children.

The two most educational video games for children

What are the most educational video games for children? Over the last year, many kids will have played video games more than usual for obvious reasons that need no explanation. As parents, this can be cause for concern, but It is a common misconception that all video games are violent or non-educational.

There are many video games that are educational and provide an age-appropriate environment for children. without ceasing to be attractive. In fact, many titles have been created from the ground up with children in mind as a target audience and contain themes and ideas that can help them think outside the box and learn.

Also, by introducing our kids to educational video games like these, we can reduce the number of hours spent consuming non-educational content or even potentially harmful.

Thus the popular Minecraft It attracts children not only because it is colorful and also fun, but it is one of the most educational, along with video games in the Professor Layton series. We discover them in more detail below:

Minecraft (Ages 7+)

There won’t be many parents who don’t know what Minecraft is. Still present on children’s t-shirts around the world, Minecraft has captured the imagination of millions ever since set the gaming community on fire almost 10 years ago.

As a result, many adults will instantly recognize the blocky and square shaped characters.whether they have played the game or not.

Although it is an older title, the game is still very popular, with an estimated 126 million users who log in monthly starting in 2021.

In terms of gameplay, kids can play different Minecraft modes, ranging from survival, adventure, creativity, and more. To progress, they will have to craft tools, team up with friends, build houses, engage in (non-violent) combat, and explore the world.

The Professor Layton Series (Ages 12+)

Professor Layton Games is a charming and quirky series that is all about solving puzzles and other interesting tasks. All the puzzles teach children different skills, from solving basic math equations and spatial orientation to solving logical problems and difficult brain teasers. ANDThese games have been specially designed to make you think and they are perfect for smart and knowledge-hungry kids.

In early versions of the games, children will follow Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke Triton. in an attempt to unravel and solve a general mystery. However, in the new iteration and the next trilogyProfessor Layton is replaced by his equally glamorous adoptive daughter, Katrielle Layton. Despite this change, the same highly addictive puzzle-solving mechanics of previous titles in the long-running series remain.

Interestingly, these games also offer quite a deep and layered story that can interest both children and adults.. However, sometimes there are puzzles with which children may have some difficulty so that they require our help, also encouraging us to share the video game moment with the children.

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