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At the moment, twitch It is the platform par excellence to make live broadcasts. In this past 2022, various games were broadcast. However, only a few managed to position themselves as the most viewed.

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The streaming platform has revealed what these titles have been and the number of viewing hours. Also how many people came to see them.

What were the most viewed games on Twitch?

As expected, one of the most successful MOBAs in recent years, League of Legendsmanaged to occupy the first place of the table with 1.5 billion hours of viewing.

Next, the games that also reach billions of hours are GTA V and Valorant. Below them and with a difference of almost 500 million hours you are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

This is the official list of video games with the most hours viewed in 2022:

League of Legends 1,556,699,612
Grand Theft Auto V 1,414,287,042
Valorant 1,159,768,684
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 699,783,949
Apex Legends 658,477,617
Fortnite 620,806,701
Minecraft 547,753,529
dota 2 532,253,215
Call of Duty Warzone 438,306,010
world of warcraft 407,571,757

Video games with the highest peak viewership

On the other hand, the titles with the largest number of viewers have also been revealed. In this case, League of Legends is back in first place with 3.1 million people watching the game.

With a difference of 1 million viewers, the second place is occupied by Minecraft and, below it, is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Those who did not reach the million are Rust and Elden Ring.


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