Valorant Episode 6: Revelation – date and first look at the new map

After several days of clues, Riot Games finally revealed a spectacular cinematic video that will kick off Act I of Episode 6 of Valorantwhich will have a new map apparently located in a “lost city” and whose start date we already know.

You can watch the cinematic video below. It is accompanied by the new song Visions by eaJ & Safari Riot. You can follow this link to listen to it.

In the video we see several agents in the middle of missions, training or just having a good time together while Harbor and Astra roam the mountains of India fleeing from Atlas. At the end of the video they find the lost city that will supposedly be the new map of Valorant in Act I of Episode 6.

With an eye-catching cinematic video, Riot Games confirmed the start date for Valorant Episode 6 Act I and let us see a bit of the new map.

Nice, don’t you think? Well, when they get there they discover that they are not alone and an inevitable shootout begins against the other agents.

When does Act I of Episode 6 start?

The start date of episode 6 of Valorant will be the Tuesday, January 10, 2023. Obviously it will come along with a new battle pass, cosmetics, a considerable number of balance adjustments and bug fixes.

Source: official channel of the game for Latin America on YouTube

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