What will the new Darkin that will come to League of Legends be like?

One will start soon new season from League of Legends. Everybody’s waiting to know what will happen to the future of the Riot Games video game. For now, we know that the developer intends to launch a rework complete for Skarner for this year. Not only that, but we’ll also see an Aurelion Sol with a completely revamped skill kit.

Good, but this is not the only new thing that will come to the MOBA. We also know that with the beginning of the year we will experience the arrival of new characters in League of Legends. The first thing we discover is that it will arrive a support from Ixtal which will have some relationship with taliyah. But it is not the only thing. And it is that months ago they also confirmed launching a new darkinsomething that most players had been waiting for a long time.

More details about the new Darkin of League of Legends

Once again, the person in charge of giving us more information about what is to come to the MOBA has been big bad bear. On this occasion, what has made it clear to us is that this new Darkin could be related to a dog, especially attending to the clues that Riot Games has left us. Not only that, but the dagger that has the soul of this Darkin will be bound to the beast itself.

It also seems that this champion was going to launch throughout 2022. Yes, the character in question was going to be the monster that the whole community has been waiting for so long. Finally, due to various clarity problems, as well as its design, they decided to delay it until 2023. Now we will have to wait to find out its release date, although it is supposed to will be after the arrival of support from Ixtal.

For now, Big Bad Bear contacted a number of artists to offer us a first sketch of what this new AD assassin focused on the mid lane And it looks, to say the least, amazing.

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