When does episode number six of Valorant premiere?

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Riot Games published a teaser to present the new episode

The new episode will be released in a couple of days
© ValorantThe new episode will be released in a couple of days

The game Valorant continues to renew its content and this Thursday presented a teaser about the new episode that will come to the game, which will be the number six and it will be called Revelation. Valorant is one of the games esports most popular today.

When does episode number six of Valorant premiere?

The new episode of the shooter Riot Games will be officially launched January 10, 2023.

When did Valorant come out?

The popular shooter of Riot Games the June 2, 2020 and is currently available only for pc (via Riot Games and the platform of Epic Games).

The kinematics of Revelation shows various locations and agents of this popular game that stands out in the world of esports. In the first instance the video shows Fade in Turkey while looking at a layout of the new map, which would be called Lotus.

This new map, which would have three locations, just as it has Haven, would be adding as one of the options so that users can play it in normal and ranked games. It should be noted that the last map that was added to the game was Pearla map that is also in the competitive game.

Other locations that were revealed in the cinematic were India Y Turkey. In India can be seen as Astra Y Harbor work together, while the other location is South Korea with Killjoy, Raze Y Jett as protagonists.

In this video you posted Riot Games in the afternoon they also appear sage Y Omen, although the location is unknown. Both agents come together to defeat various enemies.

At the end of the kinematics, you can see Sage, Raze, Jett, Fade Y killjoy aiming at Astra Y Harborall this within the new map, which would be set in the India.

This episode six will come to replace episode five, which had three acts and also stood out for the premiere of the agent Harbor. In addition, within the novelties of this game of Riot Games is expected in 2023 return the map officially Split.

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