19 Esports will compete in the second division of LoL in Mexico

Conventional sports personalities continue to bet on esports in different parts of the world, now the professional player of Club América, Miguel Arturo Layun announced the incorporation of his team, 19 Sports the second division of League of Legends with a view to the LLA.

Relive the best moments of the Layún Invitational

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19 Esports presented the players that will be part of the main squad and their technical staff in the new season of the DDH, the league of League of Legends It will start on January 12.

Full roster of 19 Esports

Top Laner: Brayaron

Jungle: Dario Liquid

Mid Laner: Pickups

Shooter: Virus

Support: Epic Reaper

Support: Kawiwi

Head Coach: Grimm

Assistant Coach: Gankk

With this addition, 19 expanded its teams from the competitive scenes of the EA Sports simulator, FIFA and Garena’s Battle Royale, Free Fire.

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The last tournament of the second division leagues

The company that develops and organizes professional League by Legends tournaments, Riot Games announced the unification of the regional leagues to only two, the regional league of the north and the south, which will only deliver a single quota to the first division of the competitive scene based in Mexico, LLA.

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