Fortnite: A glitch allows you to jump to infinity!

A new glitch discovered by Fortnite players allows infinite jumps with the Shockwave Hammer!

Fortnite is the goose egg of Epic Games. A title that could return to iOS after a long absence after the legal battle against Apple. If we thought enough about the title sure against failures, The videos show that it is possible to have infinite jumps with the Shockwave Hammer!

Jump non-stop with the Shockwave Hammer

Fortnite recently welcomed the Shockwave Hammer, a very popular battle royale weapon. An item designed to deal high damage that players covet in games to claim victory. Except this item has a problem and allows you to jump endlessly. Knowing that Epic Games tracks bugs that threaten the balance of the gameThis discovery has been widely commented.

According to several videos, the glitch is activated when the hammer comes into contact with water. Just hold the hammer and activate the rebound (i.e. go up in the air and hit the ground) to jump non-stop. This technique has several uses for cheaters, such as surviving in the storm. It also allows time to heal. The most opportunistic took the opportunity to save themselves!

Note that the Shockwave Hammer is also used to shock fish in the water without stopping, providing unlimited life!

But players surprisingly avoid abusing this glitch. Why ? Because staying in the storm for too long exposes you to the evil of the storm. Basically, after a long time in the storm, the internal HP loss speeds up. And every time the player returns to him.

In the end, this glitch is mostly used as a last resort. if other survival options have been exhausted. Using it exposes you to risks! At the moment, it is not known if Epic Games plans to fix it in a future update. Its use remains a double-edged sword.


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