Fortnite launches its first skin of 2023 in a big way

New year, new life, and new skin. Fortnite It premieres in a big way in 2023 launching its first skin of the year. The first of many to come in a new wave of both originals and collaboratives that we can expect.

Only the lore of what is about to happen on the island will be able to reveal which original skins will continue to reach the battle royale, but in terms of collaborations, everything is much clearer with up to fifty possible movie skins, series and videogames of all kinds.

Since ant man a Barbie going by Super Mario, Indiana Jones, Flash either Mission Impossible These are just some of the possibilities that this 2023 offers us in terms of collaborative skins. But far from all of them is the new look of Venado Aureo, which is officially the first of the year.

Obviously we are talking about the skin corresponding to the Fortnite Club of the month of January, which came into play this Sunday the 1st. From €11.99 you can get it, and get all the advantages that belonging to this elite entails.

A club that guarantees you to obtain the exclusive skin of the month, in addition to the legacy set of the Photon Edge picks, the immediate obtaining of the Battle Pass of this Chapter 4 – Season 1 and another 1000 extra V-Bucks. Assuming a very profitable purchase for those looking for a micropayment having run out of balance to get the corresponding battle pass.

Golden Deer receives the baton from Joni Escarlata, which was a success among the players. Time will tell if users of Fortnite They give you the same welcome, or prefer to reserve your micropayment for next February.

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