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In the Game Pass there is a lot, of everything and for everyone. And that includes the true kings of the house: the little ones. What’s more, your favorite characters from Disney, Warner and Cartoon Network are also part of its initiative to become the Netflix equivalent of video games. As it should be

Because one of the great advantages of the enormous catalog of games from the Microsoft service compared to other subscriptions is variety. And that, in addition, it is no longer necessary to have a console or PC to access them (you can play on mobile phones, browsers or directly from TV) also plays in their favor.

The best games to enjoy with your child (or your little brother) on Nintendo Switch

In LifeExtra We have told you about the best Game Pass games. Shooters, simulators, RPGs, driving games, strategy games… Now we go one step further: we have brought you together the best children’s games. With the characters they like the most, with fun and original proposals and some even to enjoy with the family and with two or more managers.

Of course, the fact that these are games in which the little ones can participate does not mean that you can find some curious suggestion to dedicate a good afternoon to them. or two. Because let’s face it, how many hours of fun and laughter can Overcooked! 2?

Without further ado, here you go. The best children’s games on Game Pass.

Disneyland Adventures

Imagine going to Disneyland whenever you want and live adventures with Disney characters. Basically, that’s the premise of Disneyland Adventures: once you create your character you can go to a real amusement park, and interact with Mickey, Beauty and the Beast or Alice in Wonderland. The best? The park’s attractions are also colorful games designed for all audiences.

Ben 10: Power Trip

One of the most recent video games of Ben 10, the little Cartoon Network hero capable of transforming into no less than ten types of aliens. The premise is as simple as offering an action and adventure game with a special attraction: with a simple setting a second player can enter or leave the game and join the adventure.

DC League of Super Pets

The perfect game for fans of superheroes and pets. Based on the movie of the same name, in DC League of Super Pets we are the intrepid Krypto, Superman’s dog, or Ace, Batman’s little helper. At a playable level it is a classic shooter, in the style starfoxwithout complications than the odd final boss.

New Super Lucky’s Tales

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The cheerful Lucky has only appeared in video games, but he has the same charisma of the animated characters on television and of the little heroes of a lifetime. New Super Lucky’s Tales offers a fun and simple adventure in varied worlds full of color. Of course, your age does not matter to enjoy its game proposal to spend it as a child.

Donut County

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So simple and, at the same time, so entertaining. In Donut County we control a hole in the ground. Of course, its size grows every time we sneak something inside, and that gives a lot of play. In the end we are before one of those perfect games for everyone. Ideal for while a little backstory is developing.

Paw Patrol: Grand Prix

the well-known paw patrol gives the reply to Super Mario Kart being fully aware that his players are more interested in having fun than in showing off behind the wheel. 11 circuits, the same voices as in the Spanish series and even a simple control option with automatic acceleration: the perfect plan.

Paw Patrol: The Movie The Call of Adventure City

Without straying too far from the adventures of Chase, Skye and company, the film adaptation of Paw Patrol is a perfect alternative to join the Maravichuchos in simple levels designed to also be enjoyed in company with an additional controller.

Bonus Stage: Minecraft

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox. With the right skill you can unleash your imagination. However, the little ones can also live their own adventures by spinning around. You don’t even need a plan: getting lost wandering around and discovering the possibilities of the game itself is also especially entertaining.

The most amazing creations, initiatives (and crazy things) that have been done in Minecraft

The Last Geeks and the Staff of Fate

Cooperative action for the whole family. Distributed by SelectaVisión and designed by Outright Games (responsible for the Paw Patrol games) The Last Geeks and the staff of destiny It proposes us to face zombies and sticky monsters. An interesting detail: with Xbox Cloud Gaming you can play with the touch options.

My Friend, Peppa Pig

if the fun Peppa Pig He is almost one more member of the family, his video game My Friend, Peppa Pig You’re going to love it: you could almost say that it’s an episode starring the pig herself and a friend that the player himself can create to taste and with the colors he wants.

Overcooked! 2

It may be one of the least easy and most chaotic video games on the entire list, but it is definitely among the most fun. Especially if you have more than one controller at home. Overcooked! 2 is an instant party in which you have to prepare dishes and serve them in really crazy conditions. Guaranteed laughs.

RUSH: A Disney • PIXAR Adventure

Produced and developed by Xbox Game Studios itself, RUSH: A Disney • PIXAR Adventuree is a collection of entertaining games for all audiences in which we are allowed to discover six worlds together with friends and family, while living new adventures together with Woody, Buzz, Nemo, The Incredibles or Lightning McQueen.

Extra Ball: Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master!

If you like music at home or want to organize a party instantly, Taiko no Tatsujin’s proposal is a guaranteed success: fun drums, four different difficulties, more than 70 songs, local multiplayer mode and Xbox Play Anywhere for you to take with you games from PC to console or vice versa. The rest more or less depends on your sense of rhythm.

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