Minecraft Speedrun: Streamer xQc Excitedly Takes Back World Record, Says “It’s Been 2 F*cking Years #$%#$”

Minecraft It is a game that is often taken as a quiet world to carry out various constructions, but youtubers and streamers have been turning this into a race to beat the ender dragon, which would be practically ending the game. The streamer xQc in 2021 held the title of having the speedrun world record in killing the dragon, that same year he lost it and has recovered it on June 4, 2023 defeating the fearsome dragon in 20 minutes and five seconds.

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Forsen, is the streamer who had surpassed xQc and won the world record in April 2021, beating the Ender Dragon in 20 minutes and 38 seconds. After trying and training after almost two years, xQc does it again and surpasses Forsen, leaving the world record in 20 minutes and five seconds. The excited streamer after getting it shouted: “It’s over! It’s done! Boom!”, before saying that “I’m done with this shit. It’s been two fucking years of this shit, man.” Also, it doesn’t take long report to his rival, who now no longer held first place, “it may be time to submit to purgatory once more.”

Luck is an important factor, since depending on the world generated it will be easier or not for you to find the necessary materials. xQc’s strategy was to shoot the crystals on top of the pillars, then place a bed on one of them and try to sleep. Since sleep cannot be found in that dimension, the bed explodes, dealing damage to the player and massive damage to anything around them. This is how the repeated explosions from the bed managed to kill the Ender Dragon.

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