Overwatch 2 brings buffs to tanks and support heroes, and Junker Queen is the protagonist of this new patch

Overwatch 2 is a game that, despite the great enthusiasm for its release, continues to hit the gaming scene. free to play and competitive shooters. Today, Blizzard released their new patch, which brings buffs to two tanks and two heroes competitive FPS support.

This time, the patch doesn’t bring nerfs to any of the shooter’s heroes. The expected Minirework to RoadhogThe most controversial tank for its ability to one-hit kill many of its opponents, it still needs a little time in the oven, although we know it will arrive from the middle of this month, as we have been informed Aaron Keller, Game Director.

For their part, they are Zarya, Junker Queen, Moira and Brigitte those who have benefited from this patch, being the queen of Junker Town the one who has come out on top with a set of changes to three of her abilities that will make her not only more lethal, but more durable, something that can also be extrapolated to Zarya. The general changes are as follows:

junker queen

  • Adrenaline Rush heal remaining damage from wounds when an affected enemy dies.
  • Carnage reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds for each of the enemies hit.
  • Jagged Blade lowers its impact damage to fifty (previously it was 80), as well as adding a wound of 30 year to said objectives. This is cumulative to other injuries.


  • energy loss is reduced from 2.2 to 2 per second.
  • The time it takes for the energy to begin to decrease is also reduced, passing 1 to 2 seconds.


  • Shield health increased 200 to 300.


  • the biotic orb recover biotic energy by dealing damage to enemies.

Let's not forget that Overwatch 2 has a campaign mode, and this is all we know, which is actually quite a lot.

The Overwatch 2 patch notes also point out a number of bugs that have been fixed. between maps that allowed to go out of boundstextures that needed to be fixed or objects that floated when this was not their design, now the Blizzard shooter is a little more polished than a few days ago.

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