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As we already know, Pokémon GO is constantly creating new events that allow us to get great specimens. For January 2023 we already have announced the Community Day and the classic Community Day, however, Niantic should not think it is enough since it has decided to activate Twinkling Fantasya very interesting celebration that will allow us to get Mega Salamence among other Pokemon. Therefore, in the following guide we leave you All the details about it so you can enjoy the full experience.

Pokémon GO guide: how to get Mega Salamence during the Twinkling Fantasy event

starting Tuesday January 10 Until Monday the 16th, we will be able to enjoy this event that will allow us to obtain Mega-Salamence. To achieve this, we will have to participate in the mega-raids, being able to get the dragon even in its variocolor or shiny form.


mega salamence

Mega Salamence

Of course, during this period we can enjoy a series of advantage which we tell you below:

  • Double the experience for catching Pokémon with good, great, or excellent throws.
  • Increased chance for Trainers level 31 or higher to receive Candy ++ if they make good, great, or excellent throws.
  • Bonus caramels for good, great or excellent throws.

wild encounters

The following Pokémon will be appearing in the wild more frequently.

These last two can also appear in their form variocolor.

1 star raids

3 star raids

5 star raids




From January 10 to the 18th, if we capture a Zecrom, We will get a copy with the Fusion Lightning attack.

  • Trainer Battles: 90 power
  • gyms and raids: 140 power

If you structure yourself in advance, we have no doubt that you will have a very productive event and you will get very good specimens.

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