Squid Craft Games 2 kicks off by sending out the invitations

The Squid Craft Games 2 they roll from now on. After starting to play with its start date, and perhaps not expected until February, the starting gun has already been given with the official announcement that the invitations have been sent to the players.

A great gift from the Three Wise Men who will see in their Twitter DMs how a gloomy invitation, which in the series is a death sentence, here is a great opportunity to make up for mistakes made in the last edition (those that repeat) or that of being able to join the cast of what is undoubtedly one of the series of the year.

The ESLAND 2023 will pass judgment on whether this is the case, although everyone seems to be clear that no mini-series reached the level, despite the colossal level experienced in 2022 between the Saw Minecraft Games, El Suelo es Lava or the Juaniquilacopa Build Battle.

Players, here are your invitations

This year will be even more crazy, increasing participation from 150 to 200 participants. Some of them have already announced that they have received it, or are trolling confirming that they are repeating attendance, while others are also trolling sadly commenting that they are still waiting for the invitation.

Only time will tell who is truly confirmed to repeat, as there are many who cannot miss. Having a particularly high interest the reunion between Ollie and Xokas after the grand finale last year. As epic as it is anticlimactic, which helped make it even more unforgettable.

The countdown has already begun, players, study the rules of behavior and respect the organizers, because Squid Craft Games 2 is closer than we could have thought just a couple of weeks ago.

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