The esports scene says goodbye to Larischz after his unexpected death

The esports community is in mourning following the sad news of the passing of Lara “Larischz” Gilardonia reference without a doubt of the competitive scene of VALORANT feminine.

The player of only 27 years who worked in the professional circuit of the shooter of Riot Games took the community by surprise with the news of his death last Friday, December 30, 2022 while he was on vacation in the city of Pinamar, on the Argentine coast.

Lara "larischz" Gilardoni

Lara “Larischz” Gilardoni

The news of the death of larischz She generated a lot of impact in the regional esports scene, not only because she was a very loved person within the community, but also because she was a pioneer who helped boost the female shooter scene in Argentina.

Lara began her career at the age of 15 when she migrated from counter Strike 1.6 to the Counter Strike Global Offensive to then get fully into the competitive VALORANT where he demonstrated his talent in various professional teams as part of the Valorant Game Changers Brazil within teams like Jaguars, Vivo KeyD Stars Athenas and Meta Gaming. She was recently competing as a member of DELIRA, a team in which she managed to win fifth place in her last tournament and became champion of the Esportmaker Spike after beating Black Dragons for 2-0.

Without a doubt, the player has achieved many achievements within each of the teams in which she participated, earning the respect, affection and admiration of an entire community that today pays tribute to her, but above all things that today bid farewell to a fighter. who knew how to make her way by promoting and inspiring other women in the professional esports scene.

The entire community from the teams in which she has participated to former teammates, players and fans said goodbye to the Argentine player for the last time on social networks. From Bitbol Esports we adhere to the greetings to family, friends and loved ones. Rest in peace larischz

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