The Ibainéfico already has its four teams

With the confirmation of the content creators who will participate in Ibainéfico, the Ibai Llanos charity event will start this afternoon. Ibai, JuanSGarnizo, TheGrefg and Auronplay will lead four teams that will compete among themselves over two days. By having a large number of streamersthe templates have been organized through a draft where 11 creators will accompany their respective captain.

The objective of this Ibainéfico is to be able to exceed one million euros accumulated in donations. During the last few years, the event organized by the founder of KOI has raised a total of 600,000 euros, reaching 205,000 in 2021. Therefore, Llanos hopes to be able to add all possible efforts to reach 400,000 euros and reach the proposed figure. . Within this money, not only donations count, but also the publicity generated through the broadcast and subscriptions. All proceeds will go to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Originally the Ibainéfico was going to be held on January 3 and 4, however, Llanos finally had to delay it. The four video games chosen for this edition are: GTA V, VALORANT, League of Legends, Among Us, Fall Guys, Parcheesi and UNO. While the first three titles will be played on January 6, the other four on Saturday the 7th. VALORANT and League of Legends respond more to a competitive video game model, while the rest to the multiplayer format. In GTA V the streamers will compete in races with the following organization:

team ibai

  • sell
  • barbe
  • Komanche
  • Carmen Sandwich
  • AkaLeina
  • Sergio Ferra
  • illojuan
  • pausenpai
  • pandarina
  • maylen
  • Sekiam

Team JuanSGarnizo

  • Zeling
  • Spreen
  • Ari Gameplays
  • KNekro
  • Shadowune
  • Rivers
  • luzu
  • Roberto Ceín
  • BarcaGamer
  • ElisaWaves
  • siro lopez
  • Nimu

Team TheGrefg

  • Th3Antonio
  • BlackEspanolito
  • LittleRagerGirl
  • Ander
  • focus
  • sugussusana
  • silithur
  • girl
  • Aqualand Duck
  • SuzyRoxx
  • Amph
  • selis13

Team Auronplay

  • bijin
  • Axozer
  • manute
  • Karchez
  • Ollie Gamerz
  • Carol
  • Pol Turrents
  • Viruzz
  • Jagged
  • rioboo
  • LazyPopa
  • edurne

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