The LVP grows by 10% globally in 2022

The LVP (GROUP MEDIAPRO) closed 2022 with the highest audience figures in its history. The company reached 77.3 million cumulative viewers worldwide, 10% more than in 2021, when that number reached 69.8 million. The consumption figures are also the highest in its twelve years of life: 45.1 million hours viewed26% more than the previous year.

The League of Legends Super League, the most important eSports competition in Spain and a benchmark at the European level, contributed 25.8 million viewers (counting the LVP channel and co-streamings), 98% more than in 2021, when the co-streamings had not yet been launched. In addition, it closed the year with almost 11 million hours viewed, double that of 2021. In 2022 the highest peak in the history of concurrent spectators for a national competition was also reached: the summer final of the Super League, in which Heretics beat Giants, reached 92,479 simultaneous viewers on the LVP channel, well above the 73,596 viewers that had been achieved just a year earlier.

In 2022, the Super League recovered face-to-face events with the public after a 2021 still marked by the pandemic. The response from the public to the call from the LVP was exceptional: the spring final, played at the Cartuja Center in Seville, sold out its 2,000 tickets in less than a week; At Ubeat Live Barcelona -July- more than 2,200 people filled the eSports stadium to follow a full day of the competition; and the summer final, which was played at the IFEMA Municipal Palace, hung the no-ticket sign in just 48 hours. The League of Legends Iberian Cup, which played its final at PortAventura World, also filled all its locations to meet the new champion of the competition.

The Super League returns on January 16 with new broadcast days (Tuesday and Thursday), a new contender for the throne (Rebels Gaming, footballer David De Gea’s team) and a series of news that will be announced in the coming days.

“From the LVP we are very proud to continue growing at double digits, year after year. 2022 was a key course for us because we recovered face-to-face events after two years marked by the pandemic, but also because we laid the foundations to continue taking steps forward in 2023. I would like to thank the publishers who trust us, to the brands that are committed to our competitions and fueling the rise of the sector and to the teams that accompany us on this adventure and that are our partners. Without the 20 teams from Spain and the 70 from LATAM that are part of our competitions, we would not be able to continue building such a solid, enduring and attractive ecosystem,” he explains. Jordi SolerCEO of the LVP.

New professional competitions

2022 was also the beut of three professional competitions in Spain: the VALORANT Rising MediaMarkt Intel, which exceeded 9.8 million viewers (the LVP and co-streamings); the Superliga Segunda El Corte Inglés, the silver category of the League of Legends, which reached 3.4 million viewers; and the Crossfire Cup, the cup that closed the competitive year of VALORANT. In this sense, the VALORANT Rising MediaMarkt Intel and the Crossfire Cup enjoyed face-to-face finals, one held within the framework of UBEAT Live and the other in Barcelona, ​​both with full stadiums.

One more year, LVP remained the official channel in Spanish for the international circuits of League of Legends and VALORANTamong them, some LoL Worlds that once again became the most relevant competition in the sector and that on the LA LVP channel exceeded 6.2 million viewers.

Growth and a new step forward in Latin America

Regarding Latin America, the LVP has repeated at the head of the national competitions of Argentina (Master Flow League), Mexico (Telcel Honor Division), Chili (Entel Honor League), Colombia (Fiber Movistar Golden League), Ecuador (Volcano League) and Peru (Claro Gaming Stars League), which in 2022 it has joined the Central American and Caribbean League (Element League). Among all of them, the LVP has exceeded 6.3 million cumulative viewers and 2.9 million hours watched. In addition, face-to-face events also returned to the region, with spectacular finals of the national tournaments at Ubeat Live in Mexico, attended by more than 2,700 people, or in Argentina, where around 2,000 people enjoyed the match for the title.

Looking ahead to 2023, the LVP and Riot Games will take the next step in consolidating the competitive LoL ecosystem in the region. In this case, will create two new regional leagues that will be the access point to the Latin American League of League of Legends (LLA). The objective of this renewal, which fits with some of the historical requests from the League of Legends community, will improve the competitive level, give the ecosystem greater stability for brands and fans, generate new stories between teams and communities and, ultimately, weave a more solid and enduring sector over time.

The best international partners

Beyond its own competitions, the LVP has offered its production services in 2022 to some of the main entities of the international eSports ecosystem. In this case, the LVP has renewed its agreement with LaLiga and Electronic Arts to lead the production of eLaLiga Santander 2022-23, the official competition of EA SPORTS FIFA 23 in Spain organized by LaLiga and Electronic Arts and which will start on January 28. It will be the sixth consecutive year of the LVP as a producer of this competition.

Throughout 2022, the LVP also produced the Wild Rift EMEA Championship for Riot Games, the European competition for the popular mobile game. In addition, in Latin America he repeated the production of the Free Fire League for Garena or the CONMEBOL eLibertadores of EA SPORTS FIFA for CONMEBOL and Electronic Arts. Looking ahead to 2023, the LVP has reached an agreement with Riot Games to be the producer of Game Changers in Latin America, the women’s VALORANT competition.

Brands expand their support for the LVP

In 2022, the LVP has had the trust of brands that have been part of its ecosystem for years and with firms that have joined in recent months, contributing to the growth of the sector in a decisive way. In Spain, companies such as MediaMarkt, Intel, El Corte Inglés, OMEN, Mahou, Takis, Domino’s, Cacaolat, Magnum or KitKat, among others, have maintained their support for the LVP during 2022, and will continue to do so in 2023, and others such as Air Europa or Goldcar made their debut in the sector in 2022 and will repeat this year with the help of the LVP.

In Latin America, Flow, Telcel, Claro, Discover, Entel or Movistar have been title sponsors of different competitions, while Visa, Burger King, YPF, Santander or VOLT have also supported the main LVP competitions in the region.

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