The Peripherals sponsor of Kumiho Esports

Kumiho Esports Y The Peripheralsthe esports section of Valientes Emprendedores magazine, have reached an agreement that will unite both brands.

Los Periféricos is a communication outlet dedicated to writing news about the esports sector, conducting interviews, live programs, as well as covering face-to-face events. Kumiho Esports, an amateur club born in 2020, is dedicated to competition, education and innovation within the sector. Thanks to this union, they will be able to reach a greater number of followers and publicize their work within it.

Also, The Peripherals will be the official sponsor of the two Valorant rostersboth masculine and feminine, and your logo will appear on the team’s new technical jersey.

For the community, both entities are developing a long list of activitiessuch as sweepstakes, special programs and even small events, to follow increasing the closeness and fidelity of the followers.

For this reason, Los Periféricos is the perfect ally to help Kumiho Esports achieve new goals and continue working within the esports and content ecosystem.

Betting on an amateur team in full growth, with sporting values ​​that fit perfectly with the philosophy of the Peripherals, makes this agreement the perfect alliance between both brands. The closeness and fidelity with our followers have always been very present since the beginning of the club.

Cristina Rubio, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Kumiho Esports

The fact that a team like Kumiho allows us to get closer to their community and help us publicize our networks and the programs we offer through twitch, is an honor and gives us a lot of strength so that both the articles by our editor Head of Valorant, Raquel Bermúdez, like the work of the commentators on the Monday show on Twitch, are interesting and engage lovers of the competitive amateur world of Valorant. As Cristina indicates, the values ​​of both human teams are very aligned and this will undoubtedly strengthen our alliance and guarantee its continuity for a long time.

Faustino Sánchez, CEO of Los Periféricos Esports

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