The poster of the most wanted of the police.. without photos or names

The poster of the most wanted criminals by police of Santa Martain Colombia, has gone viral. And is not for less. Ask for public help to locate 12 hitmen… but does not show any photo or give any name. Nicknames only.

After posting the poster the most wanted on Twitter, the memes, laughter and mockery were not long in coming. They had to remove it after a few hours.

Some mocked asking if they were 12 clones, or 12 twin brothers, or they all dress the same. Others were looking for an expert in silhouettes.

As we have commented, it is very common that in all the police stations, or now in the Facebook or Twitter websites of the different police forces, there is a poster with the most wanted criminals. Many murderers have been “hunted” with the citizen help. But for that help to be possible, it is necessary that there is any clue to be able to search. Preferably visual.

Santa Marta Police Most Wanted

You can’t deny the optimism this Colombian Police Commissioner, and that is a virtue that, whatever they say, must be praised. You have to be very optimistic to think that citizens will identify criminals without a photo and without a name.

Here you can see the Santa Marta police most wanted cartelcomplete:

The most wanted criminals in Santa Marta

As we can see, it is a clan of hitmen called The Pachenca. “Thanks to you we will identify them, for a country without crime,” reads the poster.

You can see 12 identical silhouettes, with a single piece of information: his nickname. Pondoro, Gomelo, Pipon, Esplinter, Cuba, Machine… one is nicknamed Fatand the other The skinnyso at least we already have some identifying trait…

“Thanks to you they will be captured,” the poster ends, offering a secure line to communicate with the police.

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Jokes aside, we assume that the goal of the Santa Marta Police was to offer these nicknames for if someone hears them pronounced in the street, something that is always possible. Or maybe someone who knows them decides to rat them out. But it must be recognized that the poster gives for memes.

It may just be a cartel of the most wanted criminals of Santa Marta no photos or names, but we support the initiative of the police: to try, nothing is lost. We wish you all the luck in the world…

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