This is how Ahri looks after a year of work by Riot Games: All the changes to the champion in her visual rework and first details of her renewed skins – League of Legends

Although the highly-anticipated season-opening event of League of Legends, Riot Games has already shown off Ahri’s upcoming visual rework. Just when a year has passed since this update was announcedthe company has published the results of its work on the game client. A priori it is a failure when it comes to restricting player access to the files, although it is also speculated that they have been leaked by ‘data miners’, since the full disclosure was scheduled for next January 7 . However, as soon as the content was accessible to a few players, it was enough for the news to spread among the community.

This is how Ahri and all her skins change with the new visual rework

The developers of League of Legends chose Ahri for being one of the most popular champions in the game and they had a lot of work ahead of them. She was one of the few characters that still didn’t have back to base animation and, in the words of Riot Games, “the animations it did have looked extremely dated”. To fix this, a complete modernization has been carried out. Changes that affect the character model, its visual effects and animations. All of them they are applied both in the default appearance and in all skins. However, they are more noticeable in older cosmetics.

As was the case with Caitlyn, the results are overwhelming. The visual section is at the level of a champion who has just arrived at League of Legends. In addition, a very curious situation occurs. Ahri has received a kind of “two-phase rework”. At the beginning of last year 2022 a playable update arrived very interesting for the champion thanks to the so-called “Mid-Scope Updates”. Now that her gameplay was already at a much more satisfactory point, these artistic improvements promise return it permanently to the pedestal that she had always occupied in the video game, since since its launch she has been one of the most popular champions.

Skin Ahri Changes

These are the aspects of Ahri that receive the most changes and their new splash arts

Until now it has not been revealed who will be the next champion to receive a visual rework like the one Ahri or Caitlyn have experienced. Due to the number of skins, both jobs have been very tough for the League of Legends development team. However, everything indicates that they will continue with them. The company shared with the community that the requirements for the characters to be susceptible to this type of update are: high popularity and few playable problems. This “few playable issues”includes all units that can be saved, worst case, with a mid-range upgrade.

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