Caedrel confirms his return to the LEC as a commentator

At the end of 2022, one of the most recognizable figures in the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) made a decision that shocked the entire community. Marc Lamont «caedrel» decided to step down from being a full-time European competition commentator to explore his options as freelancing, focusing especially on content creation. The adventure did not go badly for him, since he never got away from the microphones. However, the former professional player has decided to return to where he wants to be.

Caedrel has announced via Twitter who will return to the 2023 LEC as a full-time commentator. «The LEC has become my home and after worlds I was confident to continue this career for a while. I will work harder this year on the product and on myself,” said the former professional player. During the last year the British appeared in the broadcasts of the European competition, however, in charge of freelancing instead of fixed.

During his time as freelancingCaedrel has primarily focused on content creation, where it has been supported by Excel. Being autonomous offered him the possibility of co-streaming of some leagues, but it also prevented him for unknown reasons from narrating any international tournament. That was the case with the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), although later it could be in worlds. Within the broadcast, the Briton stands out for the duo he forms with Daniel Drakos and for the clarity of his analysis as he is a former professional player.

Caedrel’s announcement has had resonance on social networks and since its tweet has become a copypaste within the figures of the league. The LEC will return on January 21 with a super week. G2 Esports and Excel will star in the start of the winter season, a format as novel as the schedule. The league will be played on weekends and on Mondays in the case of having super week.

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