Fortnite could finally return to iOS this year

After a two-year legal battle with Apple, Epic Games is finally preparing to offer Fortnite again on iOS devices.

What if the war between Epic Games and Apple was finally over? After two years of being removed from the App Store, Fortnite could finally return to iOS mobile this year. The legal battle between Apple and Epic Games could be drawing to a close, and Tim Sweeney, who we know as the CEO of Epic Games, was particularly optimistic about Fortnite’s possible return to the platform. from Apple

An imminent return of Fortnite on iOS?

We remember that in 2020, Apple decided to remove Fortnite from the App Store after the creators of Fortnite tried to circumvent the App Store fee (around 30%) by charging Vbucks directly from the in-game store.. As this action was seen as a violation of Apple policy, the Battle Royale was eventually removed from the store. But here it is, if we are to believe Tim Sweeney, who was able to tweet on the night of December 31, Fortnite could well return to iOS in 2023.

It remains to be seen if the game will make its big return on iOS phones at the beginning or end of the year: at the moment nothing is decided, but the latest European Digital Markets Act law could coincide with a return of Fortnite. on iPhone In fact, the latter allows third-party applications to operate on their own in the large digital stores for smartphones (App Store, Google Play Store). We also remember that Fortnite has a lot to do in terms of justice at the moment, with a record fine of more than 500 million to be paid to the FTC.


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