Gamergy returns to Buenos Aires: the largest gamer event in Latin America

gamergy is a gaming event where companies from the computer industry lend and show their products together with the e-sports. There will be tournaments of different games, there will be professional teams present, influencers, streamers and houses of electronic components with innovations in their products.

2022 had the great delivery of the Final of the Latin American League of League of Legends (ALL), possibly the largest e-sports event in the history of Latin America. On that occasion, the event consisted of three days with great shows, an impressive and modern infrastructural assembly, as well as different unique activities.

The event will take place from April 7 to 9 and will be held in technopolis, just like the last edition. The value of the tickets has not yet been confirmed or when they will go on sale, however, it is a matter of time for the event networks to make everything official.

In its last edition, the event had great appearances, it had stands of e-sports teams such as 9z, Leviathan, Maycam Evolve, among others. In addition, it had different component stands such as HyperX and scenarios where the different competencies were displayed.

Also, it allowed access to the guests to participate in raffles, use the computers to play with friends, games with prizes and patios to eat different food truck of the company

The event in that edition formed two large stages, one of them was a dome where the most important games of CS.GO and other e-sports. While the big stage was reserved for the final of the ALL and shows by different musical artists invited by the organization.

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