NetEase Acquires SkyBox Labs, Co-Developer of Minecraft and Halo Infinite


Yesterday, NetEase announced that it will acquire the Canadian studio SkyBox Labs, known for supporting some of the biggest games in the industry. Among these we find successful titles such as Minecraft, Halo Infinite and Fallout 76, among others.

The studio has also worked on some of its own indie games like TASTEE: Lethal Tactics and Stela. According to NetEase, the studio will continue to work independently within its internal structuremaintaining the leadership of its co-founders Shyang Kong, Derek MacNeil and Steven Silvester.

SkyBox Labs will continue to work closely with its existing partners to develop games on PC and console. At the same time, the new Chinese owner intends to provide the necessary resources for the Canadian developer to advance projects and increase the size of their teams.

The purchase of SkyBox Labs is part of NetEase’s plans to expand in the West as a way to grow and escape some restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. The company wants to set aside its reputation as a mobile game developer and will bet on Triple A productions aimed at consoles and PC.

NetEase also recently acquired Grasshoper Manufacture and Quantic Dream. The latter is known for its narrative games, and is currently one of the few selected by Disney to produce games from the Star Wars universe.

One of the company’s first major investments was Nagoshi Studio, studio creator of Yakuza. NetEase is also in charge of financing the GPTRACK50 studio, famous for producing several Resident Evil titles for Capcom.

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