Rumor: The Kid LAROI will have his recital in Fortnite

According to leaks, the singer would take his music to the battle royale and it could be enjoyed on the map for a while.

After almost a year and a half of the Ariana Grande event, Epic Games He would already have the next artist in his sights to bring his music to Fortnite: The Kid LAROI. The difference is that it can be a ceremony that will remain on the map for a while and the players will be able to attend it in that time.

According to the journalist Tom Henderson For the Insider Gaming medium, the Australian singer will have his collaboration in the battle royale. He will take the music from him to the latter between the January 24 and 25being located a few days after the work still planned with Dead Space.

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Let’s remember that The Kid LAROI is a very popular figure in the music industry, with songs like Without You, Thousand Miles or Stay with Justin Bieber. In fact, the latter has already been in the game’s vehicles since at least the end of 2021, just months after its release.

The striking thing about the announcement is that his Fortnite recital would be an interactive event but not special like Ariana Grande or Marshmello’s. in your case would stay for at least a month on the map and would have their respective cosmeticsof which will surely join the Idol Series collection, for sale in the object store.

There would also be the possibility that he joins others who make up the music wave series which are more like mini concerts. Some artists that belong to it, and who had few aesthetic elements and symbolic maps in the creative mode, are Aya Nakamura, Emicida, Gen Hoshino, Hamaki and Tones and I.

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At the moment we will have to wait for the official confirmation from Epic of the recital of The Kid LAROI in Fortnite. In the meantime, you can enjoy the second month of Chapter 4’s life so far and get the cosmetics that mark its mid-season.

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