VALORANT releases new cinematic clip

Among video games, especially those more dedicated to competitive multiplayer, there is little narrative, although there is none either. Precisely, VALORANT debuted a new cinematic trailer today. The video serves as a prelude to the Season 6 which will be released on January 10. It also expands a little more on the story behind the agents of VALORANT, the Omega Earth and different portals between the two dimensions.

This video, unlike previous ones, is musical and lacks character dialogues. In the clip several agents appear in different groups doing various activities. killjoy Y raceVALORANT’s first announced openly gay couple share dinner with Jett in Corea. In the meantime sage performs a training session at the VALORANT headquarters to which Omen they join.

However, probably the most important thing in the trailer are the agents Fade, Astra and the most recently added Harbor. Astra and Harbor find themselves in India in search of some kind of lost ruins. This location is precisely the next map to be released, Lotus. Meanwhile Fade, in a club in Turkey, is looking for the exact location of the two previous agents. The video ends with a confrontation between Astra and Harbor with the rest of the agents because apparently, they are not from the same realities.

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