At last! The elusive Kecleon has already debuted in Pokémon GO; how to capture it?

Niantic is constantly hosting events and adding new content to Pokémon GO, like good game with service model. Thus, the company has added creatures from recent regions, including Paldea. However, fans had waited for more than 5 years for the debut of a Pokémon, but the wait was finally over.

If you are a fan of Pokémon GOyou know very well that we are talking about the Cameleonic Pokémon, Kecleon, the creature originally discovered in Hoenn that debuted in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire.

Pokémon from the Hoenn region began to appear in Pokémon GO at the end of 2017 and little by little the players were able to capture them to complete their Pokédex, including the legendary and unique (mythical) creatures of the region. But for a long time the only one that was missing was Kecleon, so fans speculated as to why Niantic didn’t include him in the game.

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Why did Kecleon take so long to debut in Pokémon GO?

What is special about this Pokémon that prevented its arrival in Pokémon GO?… not much. The truth is that it is a basic creature that can be found relatively easily in the main games of the series, since it is neither legendary nor singular.

However, a particularity with which he debuted in Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire is that, being based on a chameleon, Kecleon can hide by blending into the environment and the player required the Devon Scope to be able to see him, fight him and capture him. Niantic apparently wanted to capture this feature and implement it in Pokémon GOso that its capture method was special, like Ditto.

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How to find and catch Kecleon in Pokémon GO?

Well, to capture it, players need to get out of their house and explore places near PokéStops. He should be in luck, as Kecleon appears at PokéStops seemingly randomly. He won’t be visible to the naked eye, rather the player needs to be close enough to turn him and he’ll notice that it’s impossible.

Then in the PokéStop image you will see the distinctive headband that Kecleon wears around his waist. This means that Kecleon is getting in the way of the player and they will have to touch him (he is cloaked) to enable an encounter. Afterwards, Kecleon will appear on the map and the player will be able to encounter and catch him like any other.

This was seen coming, since the next Pokémon GO Tour, scheduled for next February, would be focused on Hoenn. This means that all Pokémon in this region should be available for capture, including their shiny or variocolor forms, so it is very possible that it will be confirmed very soon that it will also be possible to catch shiny Kecleon. Simply put, it’s a great time to be a fan of the Chameleon Pokémon.

You can see an example Kecleon screenshot below, courtesy of reddit user colton_white.

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