End of Minecraft could cause a legal fight between Microsoft and a writer

Minecraft It closes with a poem written by Julian Gough, a novelist who recently claimed that the ending of the popular game does not belong to Microsoft or Mojang. In fact, the writer put the text in the public domain since he never had a clear contract with any of the companies.

Gough revealed that he has tried to contact Microsoft to define once and for all who owns the copyright to the poem. He claimed that he stopped the publication of an article on the subject in a major media outlet, as he does not want to alert the company’s lawyers.

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poem by Minecraft creates discord between creative and Microsoft

In a recent post, Gough explained how he wrote the poem and some of his inspirations. He also recounts how Notch, the game’s creator, chose his text and arranged a payment of £20,000 GPB with Carl Manneh, then Mojang’s CEO.

The studio sent the writer a contract on several occasions, as the creative did not take the time to review it at first. Later, he decided not to sign it since he assigned the rights to his text to the company.

Subsequently, Microsoft made its master move to buy Mojang, and Minecraft it became one of the best-selling and best-played titles of all time. For this reason, Manneh feels that he did not receive his fair share of work and is dissatisfied with the treatment he received from Notch.

Rather than pursue a legal fight for more profit, he decided to put the text in the public domain. It is not clear if Microsoft or Mojang will take action on the matter, especially due to the vacuum in which the copyright of the poem was left after the acquisition of the studio.

I wrote the final poem for Minecraft, the most popular video game of all time. I never signed a contract giving Mojang the rights to the text, so Microsoft (who bought [i]Minecraft[/i] to Mojang) is also not the owner. I do. Rather than sue the company or fight with my old friend, who founded the company and has avoided me ever since, I dedicate the poem to the public domain,” Manneh wrote.

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