Goose Goose Duck: the game that tries to dethrone Among Us

There’s a new indie video game on Steam What’s going viral: Goose Goose Ducka free Among Us clone about ducks trying to Avoid being killed by an imposter among them.

As was the case with among usthe viral success of Goose Goose Duck comes some time after its release, since the title of Gaggle Studios I know first premiered in 2021.

v, boy band member South Korean BTS, started playing Goose Goose Duck late last year, and its player base has skyrocketed as the game has caught on in Korea, China and now, in the United States.

After a long series of games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Among Us and Wordle, it seems that Goose Goose Duck is the next viral gaming hit.

on the surface, Goose Goose Duck it’s a pretty cheeky clone from Among Us. It’s a game of social deduction in which players must complete tasks around a mapwhile others are trying to kill those other playersbut they blend well enough not to be thrown out.

The only thing that really stands out from Among us is how players select subroles before each match to gain unique abilities and the variety of modes, review Digital Trains.

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