Left 4 Dead Playable Prototype Revealed


By: Samuel Moreno | 08-01-23

Left 4 Dead

Before Left 4 Deadthe study Turtle Rock was commissioned to work on the Counter Strike series during the times of ‘CS:Source‘, entering a time when the famous multiplayer was betting on a new graphics engine.

During those times, a map called ‘Zombie City‘, after several studio developers started playing with Counter Strike: Source bots and developed a map where players could face a horde of 30 enemies, who used knives to defend themselves. It was thanks to this idea that the studio thought that a cooperative game against hordes would have a lot of potential.

From that idea and in the year 2008 ‘Left 4 Dead’ would arrive for PC and Xbox 360, being the takeoff of Turtle Rock’s popularity as well as the beginning of an IP that would win the hearts of many gamers so far. Thanks to PC Gamer, it was discovered that the L4D prototype is surfing the internet, and anyone can play it.

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Using a rather rudimentary map and the characteristic elements of Counter Strike: Source, you can appreciate all the inspiration that Turtle Rock had to develop his own IP. The discovery is a piece of history. Some users in the original video point out that this scenario could have served as inspiration to develop the ‘Hospital’ map, one of the best-known places in L4D.

Since L4D released its sequel in 2009, Valve has not released a new installment, except for an unpublished map in 2020. Turtle Rock, for its part, parted ways with the studio and decided to go it alone, working with other developers. Back 4 Blood arrived in 2021, a new attempt to return to zombies and cooperative multiplayer.

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