Overwatch 2 players claim free skin makes them lose games

Overwatch 2’s most recent event added a skin that some consider a pay-to-lose cosmetic due to how much noise it supposedly makes.

That skin went to Widowmaker and it turns her into Medusa to fit with the theme of the Greek legends in the Battle for Olympus event, a version of Medusa complete with hissing snakes for hair.

They are those snakes that some feel are too loud for their own good, but others are inclined to think there is nothing to worry about.

The buzz around the Medusa Widowmaker skin started when competitive FPS player Kephrii shared the clip below showing a Widowmaker walking around while wearing the skin. He can hear occasional hissing in the video when he is near another Widowmaker.

It’s true that you can hear the snakes forming the new skin, but others are skeptical about the problem it actually poses. Those on the other side of the issue have pointed out that with everything going on in an Overwatch 2 match in the first place, from heroes stomping to ability effects and calls, no one is going to pay attention to a few whistles anyway. just the place where those noises come from.

Widowmaker by design wants to be pretty far away from the enemy team anyway, so if you’re hearing those snakes near you, chances are someone messed up somewhere.

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