Playing Super Mario Bros is now possible in Minecraft thanks to this fabulous creation

The extensive world of Minecraft offers great opportunities and a fan has decided to transport a classic to a new version.

Minecraft is one of those games that doesn’t go out of style no matter how much time passes over it. I even think that it is like good wine, that the more time passes, the better he is, but his players are largely to blame for this, who brimming with imagination and desire to create new things. We are used to seeing numerous mods in Minecraftbut in this case, this build doesn’t need them.

And it is that, a player has decided to take advantage of the Minecraft map to create the classic NES Super Mario game from 1985. Next, I am going to share the video of the programming and design process of it, because both the level of creativity and the final result seem impressive to me. Especially considering the fidelity of your creation with the classic game.

This is how Super Mario Bros was created in the Minecraft universe

  • The creation was developed by the user Clouser-LightStar. ✅
  • The development process lasted 5 days and that the creator himself shared through his YouTube channel. ⏳
  • the game map has been created on a 1:1 scale, including the design of all the characters that appear in it. 😎
  • The Super Mario Community It didn’t take long for her to be amazed after seeing the result From this project. 👏

As a fan of the classic Super Mario Bros installments, these creations seem fantastic to me, because the level of creativity and dedication are worthy of admiration.

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